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02 Apr 2014
Pre-school News

The Pre-school room has been a busy place since the start of the year. After taking part in the Australia Day celebrations the children showed a real enthusiasm for Australian animals in particular. This was demonstrated in our creative arts area where the children chose to explore their ever evolving painting techniques and their ability to mix colours and add detail to their pictures. It is wonderful to see the children applying their perseverance and concentration and to see them celebrate their achievements together! We are sure you will agree that their artwork is amazing!

March began with Sea Week, an opportunity for the children to share their knowledge of sea life and for us to introduce the idea of how we can look after the sea and it's inhabitants. The children immediately shared their ideas as to which sea creatures they wanted to make and / or learn about and our curriculum was led by their decision making. Our huge whale shark doorway saw the children identifying and naming triangles (teeth!), whilst practising their cutting skills. Yet again we were touched to see how the children help each other and encourage those less confident to have a go.  They showed a real interest in the science behind difference sea creatures, taking real pride in remembering the different body parts and what they are used for. The children decided it was time for our airport role play to "disappear'' and instead they requested a mermaid cave, water and sand. As the weeks progressed this was quickly filled with all types of sea creatures, created by the children using our recycled materials in the creative area. The pre-school children have embraced this area of provision, taking ownership over it and its contents. They access the wide range of recycled resources with increasing independence and use their problem solving skills to enable them to create thoughtful models of things that interest them. Mermaids, octopus, sharks, fish and crabs were all created. These experiences allow a wide range of numeracy learning opportunities including counting, shape, patterns, positioning as well as literacy learning through vocabulary, expression and story telling. 

Sustainability Week flowed on from Sea Week and the children watched in amazement as they emptied our ocean aquarium of water, cup by cup, representing the water they use at Starbright. We discussed the different things we use water for and encouraged them to recognise the impact it might have on our oceans and it's inhabitants. The Pre-school children are beginning to apply this empathy for the sea creatures by reminding each other to use the half flush on the toilet and by washing our hands efficiently.
This week is Harmony Week and the children have already chosen to thread green pasta necklaces to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. The children shall be learning an inspirational song by and Sesame Street "What I am" as we encourage them to think about our similarities and differences and what makes us unique and special. Several children brought in costumes and dance music to share with the room. It was fantastic.

As always we plan our curriculum to respond to the pre-school children's interests and developmental needs. Letter recognition is high on the agenda for lots of the pre-school children and they love the opportunity to share with us their letter knowledge and mark making skills. Literacy is embedded within our curriculum, with letter and sound games and activities available throughout the day. Our Letter and Sounds table shall build on their knowledge and understanding through play.

Thank you for all your input over the past few months. Please continue to share your children’s interests, photos, or experiences with us. It enhances the children’s curriculum greatly.

♥      Victoria and Karina

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