At Starbright Early Learning we embrace the Reggio Emilia approach and National Early Years Learning Framework of Belonging, Being and Becoming to give all children in our care, the best possible learning opportunities.

Belonging is knowing where and with whom you belong, Being where childhood is a time to seek and make meaning of the world, Becoming when identity, knowledge, skill and relationships are always changing.

Our purpose is to provide children and their families an environment where they belong, are secure, are protected and have the opportunity for personal growth. We provide for families and their children, a warm, nurturing, stimulating and happy, homelike environment that is positive and caring for each child to grow, develop and learn at their own individual pace.

We will share with Families the vital role of caring for and educating their children, developing a sense of trust, security and love. We spend quality time to have meaningful conversations to understand families and children’s needs to provide continuity of care between home and at Starbright.

As part of the Reggio Emilia approach, we provide children with a natural learning environment utilising natural resources, nature, sunlight and fresh air to create an atmosphere aimed to nurture our children’s desire to learn. We respond to children’s natural curiosity and create learning opportunities as they play and explore.

We provide a homelike environment for the children and families at Starbright Early Learning a place where children can learn to value the many ways of life.

We believe that play is fundamental for a child during their early years and place great importance on providing opportunities for children to explore, imagine, create and discover.

It is an avenue for children to develop positive interaction with others. It harbours independence, teaches how to be part of a team and how to problem solve with the children around them.

We recognise the importance of guiding the children in a positive manner and listen to the children to better understand their needs and interests. Our environments help build the self-esteem of a child and our educators use praise, encouragement and acknowledgement to recognise the effort and achievement of each child. This promotes cooperative behaviour and instils a need for respecting others from an early age. 

Our philosophy and curriculum is free of cultural and gender bias to ensure that each child is treated equally. We support each child that comes into our care at Starbright Early Learning by remembering that they are all individual. They all enter our environment with various versions of home life and cultural experiences.

We believe that children should be guided throughout their learning journey. Allowing them to explore the answers to their questions builds independence. We strive to foster child interaction by listening to their needs. Each child is unique and is worth admiring on a daily basis. By doing this, we, as educators, learn alongside the children in our care.

Our educators are encouraged to pursue ongoing professional development and are supported accordingly. By improving professional knowledge, we maintain a high level of care, ensuring that our philosophy and curriculum are continuously evolving.

We understand the importance of complimenting the role of the family in a child’s life. By working with families, we build a strong partnership of care and grows a connected community in our environment.

We strive for excellence in all aspects at Starbright Early Learning. The care, safety, learning and development of our children are the most important responsibilities we have and maintaining positive relationships with everyone in our community allows us to succeed in all aspects of our philosophy.

©Starbright early learning 

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