At Starbright early learning we embrace Belonging, Being and Becoming as stated in the National Early Years Learning Framework.

We aim to provide for families and their children, a warm, nurturing, stimulating and happy, homelike environment where children feel a sense of belonging, secure and their physical well-being is protected and enhanced. We will share with Families the vital role of caring for and educating their children, developing a sense of trust, security and love.

We believe that play is essential during the early years of a child’s life. The need to explore, imagine, create and discover. We aim to provide an enjoyable and challenging learning environment where children are encouraged to learn through play so they will enjoy learning throughout life. We believe that play is the avenue by which children learn to relate to others and the world around them. Most importantly they are having fun doing it.

We believe in fostering children’s self-esteem, using praise and by encouraging and acknowledging their efforts and achievements. We focus on helping children develop a strong sense of self, group social skills, a sense of wonder and discovering the world around them.

We believe in encouraging positive interactions between children, promoting co-operative behaviour and respect for other people’s feelings, needs and rights.

We understand that each child comes to the centre with a different set of home experiences, knowledge, values and cultural backgrounds. We reflect these cultural diversities by implementing a curriculum that is free of cultural and gender bias. We openly welcome and accept diversity of different cultures, values and beliefs of the children and families in our centre and our community.

We believe in encouraging constant feedback from families to continually improve and strive to provide the best service to the children.

We have developed a meaningful curriculum which involves decision making by all children, families and Educators.

We believe an active learning process can assist children to construct their own knowledge and understanding through learning at their own pace, building on their strengths, and following their interests. We will implement a curriculum that is flexible based on individual choices of interests, use critical thinking skills, and allow for repetition and practice of skills allowing children to flourish and learn in an environment completely based upon their interests.

We believe having a holistic approach will enhance children’s understanding of the natural environment and the connections between the people, plants, animals and the land.

We work towards exposing children to the natural environment and endeavour to reflect this in our rooms and playscape.

Our Educators believe in positive and effective work relationships. We are all unique and bring a diverse background of shared interests. Our Educators are encouraged and supported in the pursuit of ongoing professional development to continually improve professional knowledge and learning practices. Our Educators are supported to reflect critically on their practice, philosophy and ethics.

Our Educators believe it is important to compliment the role of the family in the child’s life through Educators and families working together by building a strong partnership of care.

We recognise the importance of guiding the children in a positive manner and listen to the children to better understand their needs and interests. We spend quality time to have meaningful conversations to understand families and children’s needs to provide continuity of care between home and the centre.

We intend to provide a homelike environment for the children and families at Starbright Early Learning Centre that is positive and caring for each child to grow, develop and learn at their own individual pace. A place where children can learn to value the many ways of life.

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