We have implemented a secure online curriculum to enable you to be fully involved in your child’s learning and development.

By logging in to your child’s secure portfolio you can share observations of their learning development, progress, likes and dislikes. You can comment on observations and programmes and share ideas with their educators. Using your input we can further develop and customise our learning programmes to extend and challenge your child. You will receive weekly photo uploaads of your child's interactions at Starbright and a comprehensive end of week report detailing the intriguing and enriching experiences that your child has had the opportunity to be a part of.

We understand the time constraints that come with a busy family life and therefore have chosen this collaborative programme to help you get involved in your child’s learning in whichever way best suit you. It allows you to connect and get involved in all aspects of our centre’s operation at the time and place best for you.

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  • Your Child's Learning Journey

    Every child at Starbright has their own personalised learning portfolio, documenting their journey during each year at Starbright. These portfolio's are readily avaliable in your child's room to view and we welcome families input into this through the Family Story section in our online curriculum and through photos and artwork shared from home. Observations and curriculum reports are avaliable online for parents to view through the online app and can be shared with other family members enabling them to still keep in touch and be involved in your child's learning journey at Starbright.

    Children learn, discover and communicate through an array of 'languages'. Starbright’s exciting curriculum strives to scaffold and support them through experimental play.
  • Environment is the 'Third Teacher'

    Environment is the 'Third Teacher'

    Our Educators understand the important role that children's play spaces have in their learning and development and the opportunities that these provide for encouraging children's skills across a multitued of different areas. We ensure to create warm and cosy relaxation areas where children can look at books, sing songs and spend quality time with their peers in both our indoor and outdoor play spaces with these areas reflecting the diverse backgrounds of our families and ensuring each child feels their sense of belonging.

    Our carefully designed play spaces provide oportunities for children to work both independently and collaboratively with others and are set out to enable our children to thrive in areas focused on their interests with differeing levels of challenge for them to test their own limits of learning and play.

  • 100 Languages of the Child

    100 Languages of the Child

    Whilst some children love to paint, others love to construct life size models and others love to use natural resources to express themselves creatively. At Starbright we recognise the Reggio Emilia approach and embrace the '100 languages' a child has, incoporating this into each area of our indoor and outdoor environments.

    Our children are encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings through which ever medium fits them best. We love to be a part of their creativity and appreiciate the different learning styles that each child embraces, these can occur through construction opportunities, role play experiences, verbal interactions with others, expression of self through movement and dance, drawing, sculpting and many many.

    "Every child is an artist" Pablo Picasso

  • Embracing Sustainability

    Embracing Sustainability

    At Starbright early learning sustainability is incorporated into our curriculum and our way of life. We are commited to educating and inspiring young children to take care of our environment.

    We encourage children to use recycled materials and loose parts in their play, demonstrating that each item can have multiple uses.  

  • Our Natural World

    Our Natural World

    Starbright values the connection we have to our natural world and we share this connection with the children. We encourage the children to be actively involved in taking care of our plants and in caring for the living creatures that share our garden with us.

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