We have implemented a secure online curriculum to enable you to be a part of your child’s learning and development.

By logging in to your child’s secure portfolio you can share observations of their learning, progress, likes and dislikes. You can comment on observations and programmes and share ideas with their educators. Using your input we can further develop and customise our learning programmes to extend and challenge your child.

We understand the time constraints that come with a busy family life and therefore have chosen this collaborative programme to help you get involved in your child’s learning in whichever way best suit you. It allows you to connect and get involved in all aspects of our centre’s operation at the time and place best for you.

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  • Children’s Individual Portfolio

    Each child has their own individual portfolio of their learning at Starbright. As a parent you are able to access, view, and add to this at anytime through our online curriculum Kindyhub and a hard copy is available in your child's room. Please speak to your child’s educators for more information.

    Children learn, discover and communicate through an array of languages. Starbright’s exciting curriculum strives to scaffold and support them through experimental play.
  • 123, ABC

    123, ABC

    From counting, to sorting, scribbling to storytelling, our educators recognise the potential of everyday learning situations for rich numeracy and literacy learning. They are embedded in our daily experiences promoting key skills such as reasoning, recognising, distinguishing, classifying, symbolising and representing.

  • Crayons, clay and collage

    Crayons, clay and collage

    Whilst some children love to paint, others love to construct life size models. Our creative art areas allow children to experiment, test and choose their preferred tools and equipment as they explore their artistic skills safely. Our recycled materials are at the heart of our art work as we encourage children to think about their role in taking care of their environment.

  • Rattle, rattle, shake, shake

    Rattle, rattle, shake, shake

    With an emphasis on self-expression and fun, music is part of every day at Starbright. Children love music and the opportunity it provides them to make new sounds, movement and interactions with their peers.

  • Touch and feel

    Sensory play provides children with the opportunity to explore and discover through their interactions with interesting and intriguing materials. We believe in open-ended materials and open-ended learning. It enhances children’s learning through its ability to attract their attention, draw them in and allow them to follow their own interests. Materials raise the level of learning in our environment, encouraging children to explore their world, ask questions and experiment.

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