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Literacy Awareness Experience

11 Jul 2014
Literacy Awareness Experience

Heading away from stencils and tracing templates, literacy experiences can be all inclusive fun that stimulates senses, encourages imagination and prompts positive relationships with writing, reading and learning!

Ginger and cinnamon salt tray

ONE: Fill a baking tray with cooking salt, adding colour and scent to salt is really easy to do, and once you’ve made some it will last for ages, so you can use it time and time again.

TWO: You can add paint (poster/tempera paint), glitter (for older children) and spices.

THREE: In the picture, we added in a little ground ginger with the yellow paint, and some cinnamon with the brown paint, to give our salt an extra sensory dimension.  Next, stir it all up, until the colour spreads through the salt. You can do all of this in a plastic bag too if you prefer. Then spread the salt out on a baking sheet and leave it overnight to dry out.

This can be an effective way of learning for children of all ages, even older siblings with “sight words”. Using a multi-sensory approach to learning means you can suit any child’s learning style. Children develop a deeper understanding of the learning task and also it makes learning fun.

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