Toddler Room aged 15 months to 2.5 years

Our Toddler room embraces a relaxing, calming and nurturing home away from home for the children. Our passionate educators understand the level of trust that you place upon us when caring for the smallest of our Starbright family.

With space for 15 Toddlers, our Explorers room offers the chance for them to engage in Sensory exploration, with a wide variety of creative and innovative experiences, including painting, gardening, playdough, water play activities and baking experiences offered both inside and outside. The Educators follow the children's interests with regards to creating meaningful play experiences and with regards to the setup and layout of their environment. Each area is designed with the toddler's interests in mind, and offers opportunities for learning and development across all areas of the Early Years Learning Framework.

With their own garden and Sandpit, the Explorers have ample room to test their gross motor skills through running, safe climbing opportunities, digging in the sand and even riding on bikes. Our Educators offer plenty of sun safe outdoor play opoprtunities for the toddlers throughout the day, understanding the importance of children connecting to their natural environment and developing an understanding of how to take care of their natural world.  

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