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Stop the spread of disease with correct hand washing


02 Aug 2014
Stop the spread of disease with correct hand washing

Below is how we teach and implement hand washing in the Service, as advised by Staying Healthy in Childcare, 6th edition. Continuity for this exercise between the Service and home would be a great advantage.

How to wash hands:

The process of thoroughly washing and rinsing your hands should take 10 – 15 seconds. Slowly counting to 10 when you wash and then slowly counting to 10 when you rinse can achieve this. (About as long as it takes to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice.

Use liquid soap and running water.
Rub your hands vigorously as you wash them.
Wash your hands all over. Pay particular attention to wash the palms and backs of hands, in between fingers, under fingernails and around wrists.
Rinse your hands thoroughly to remove all suds and germs. Thorough rinsing will help prevent dermatitis from suds.
Turn off the tap using paper towel
Pat dry your hands with a new paper towel

We remind families that we ask that all children wash their hands when they arrive at the Service to reduce the introduction of germs to our environment and again before they go home, preventing taking germs home.

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