Janelle Ienco - Director/Owner of Starbright Early Learning Centre
Frances Gospodnetic - Coordinator of Starbright Early Learning Centre
Holly, Tayla, Deborah, Nicki, Karina, Victoria, Claire, Sarah, Lana - Educators
Kitchen cook - Luci

Dear Friends,

We are writing this letter to let other parents know that this is a wonderful place for your children to spend their days. As working parents, it is hard to find a place where you feel your child is comfortable and in a secure environment. When the time came for us to find a day care, the thought was scary and daunting. However, we found that place at Starbright Early Learning Centre which made this transition for our family so easy and so comforting. Starbright is not only a childcare, it is a wonderful early learning centre in which children can learn and achieve a lot.

The love and patience that Starbright Educators put into children made us realise how lucky we were to have found a place we could call our daughter's home away from home. Starbright provides Childcare in a warm, home environment. All of our expectations and more were met at Starbright Early Learning Centre.

Our daughter, Sara, began childcare at Starbright in August 2011. She received excellent care in Starbright and we received the comfort of knowing that she was in a setting as familiar as her own home. A big plus for us is that Starbright offered nutritional meals.

Our daughter learned a great deal too because Starbright has different and very interesting indoor and outdoor activities every day. Due to the attention Starbright Educators devoted to our daughter she developed an increased vocabulary and a specific love of learning to identify objects by colour, shapes, everything from ABC's, numbers, letters and number recognition, farm and wild animals, gardening, painting, music and dance.

In addition her social skills, relative to her respective age, were increasingly positive. Starbright is full of music, dancing, warmth, joy, delicious healthy food and happy children. Also, reinforced respect and care for others. This is evident in the caring, respectful way that our daughter treats other children. Our daughter loved it there. She talked about it constantly and considered Starbright Educators her best friends.

Starbright Educators did a great job with increasing Sara's learning ability in this special time. She was often outside playing in the outstanding backyard when my husband or I arrived to pick her up. She has increased her cognitive ability to understand the world around her, and her motor abilities through interactive play and games have improved. She is now yet to begin a preschool program and we truly believe that the time she spent at Starbright has prepared her for school and future play-dates. Starbright Early Learning Centre provided our daughter with the life, learning and discipline skills necessary to thrive in a school environment.

Starbright Educators did a great job of keeping us up to date of everything happening in Sara's life, including the good and the bad. They let us know of all the new vocabulary Sara was learning, as well as any diaper rashes or other concerns she may have had. Sara became to love going to Starbright every morning and would sometimes ask to go on weekends as well. By finding Starbright, we found more than a place to leave our child while we worked. We found an extension of our home.
Starbright Educators also impressed us by how accommodating they were to our needs. We felt no apprehension in asking questions of them, and they understood our situations and worked with us the best that they could. With Starbright we felt as if we were getting more. We not only found a childcare provider, but also friends.

We would like to thank you guys for everything that you have done for us during these couple of years since Sara was with you. Excellent service, learning program and fantastic environment are the things which you have provided for us. Looking how Sara was progressing over the time and become an excellent young person, who is socialized, very friendly, confident with good manners and attitudes was the biggest gift for us from all of you making us proud and happy parents. Also, big thank you to the kitchen cook Luci who always prepares fresh and delicious meals and snacks.
In conclusion, we highly recommend Starbright Early Learning Centre to any parent seeking a place for their child to be loved and taken care of the same as if they were at home with their parents. Our experience with the Starbright team has been wonderful. Please share this letter of recommendation to parents seeking a wonderful, nurturing and loving environment in which to care for their child. They will not be dissatisfied with the care given by Starbright Educators.

Yours sincerely,
Parents of Sara Naumovska

Marjan and Biljana