— June 6, 2016

Just Playing by Anita Wadley

When I'm building in the block area, Please don't say I'm "just playing." For you see, I'm learning as I play, About balances and shapes Who knows, I may be an architect someday.

— November 29, 2015

Child Nutrition

Nutrition and children is so important and something that families are always questioning about so we thought we’d give you a few links to some recognised authorities on health and nutrition.

— January 25, 2015

Gifts of Charity

There are so many options to provide donations to charitable organisations in lieu of gifts.

— September 6, 2014

Fire Safety

Fire Safety is an important issue that everyone needs to be aware of.

— August 2, 2014

Stop the spread of disease with correct hand washing

We remind families that we ask that all children wash their hands when they arrive at the Service to reduce the introduction of germs to our environment and again before they go home, preventing taking germs home.

— July 12, 2014

Transition to School – Additional Online Resources

— July 5, 2014

Natural Resources and Play

Natural play resources are an integral part of the play environment within our Service.

— June 24, 2014

Useful links for Families

— June 4, 2014

KNOWLEDGE BANK – Information For Families.

Ever struggle to know who to contact for certain information? Here are some websites to help you:

— April 1, 2014

Community advertising

We would like to advertise our families’ local business within the centre for all our families though our centre Newsletters.