In the land of make believe

Starbright inspires and challenges children’s creativity. Our role-play areas encourage children to explore different identities and share spects of their home culture with their peers and educators. Pop up cafes, castles and vets demonstrate our educator’s quick responses to your child’s interests whilst harnessing valuable literacy, numeracy and science learning opportunities.

Touch and feel

Sensory play provides children with the opportunity to explore and discover through their interactions with interesting and intriguing materials. We believe in open-ended materials and open-ended learning. It enhances children’s learning through its ability to attract their attention, draw them in and allow them to follow their own interests.  Materials raise the level of learning in our environment, encouraging children to explore literacy, numeracy and science. 


Rattle rattle shake shake

With an emphasis on self-expression and fun, music is part of every day at Starbright. Children love music and the opportunity it provides them to make new sounds, movement and interactions with their peers.