Peep Week

Communication with Parents

Starbright early learning centre understands you really want to know what your child is learning. We believe that communication between the carers, parents and children to be most important. We encourage parental participation in programming and value your constructive input. We have a comprehensive communication system to keep you involved in your child's development and progress.

Success in early childhood is a goal that both parent and Educators have for their children. Learning improves when parents are involved in their child’s education.

We encourage parents to actively participate in the care of their children through involvement in decision making with regards to their child’s care and education. Parents are welcome to spend time in the centre and spend special occassions with their child.

Some of the many ways we communicate include: children’s daily board, emails, newsletters, parent information area, parent meetings and special events.

It is important that Educators and parents get to know each other to develop trust and respect. Children succeed when there is an open exchange of information that links the home with the centre. It is helpful when parents exchange idea’s about their child’s special talents and hobbies. We can then focus the child’s learning through their interests, strengths and abilities.

Peep-at-a-Week online Curriculum

Parents can access our online curriculum, highlighting our objectives and the interests and skills your child is learning every week, so you can participate at home and provide feedback.

Read more information under Curriculum.

Scheduled Parent Conferences

We'll make a time convenient for both and we will sit down one-on-one to review your child's development and individual needs.

Starbright Newsletters

You will receive a newsletter every 6-8 weeks with details of all currents events held in your child's room and at the centre.

Starbright's Daily Activities

We spend a big part of our day singing, laughing, dancing, playing and exploring, indoors and out. So much to do, so much to learn, so much fun!

Information regarding your child’s day will be documented daily for you to view. This includes details of your child’s eating and sleeping patterns. Our Educators will also speak with you informally upon collection of your child or through phone calls if any issues arise during the day.

Our Daily Routine

Although the routine of each room and age group will vary, the same aspects are contained in each. We endeavour to provide a home-like and family environment at Starbright where the children feel comfortable and secure at all times.  Our daily routines reflect this.

Throughout the day the children will be experiencing a number of different activities, these are part of the educational and developmental programs operated by all of our Star Educators.

Routines are displayed in each room and are available for parents to read and questions regarding this can be answered by the appropriate Educators. In place are both summer and winter routines, which adapt to weather conditions.