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Starbright early learning centre is a private provider of Early Childhood Care and Education.We understand the level of trust you place in us when you enrol your child, and we are committed to providing the highest standards of care and education possible, with experienced and qualified educators and using the best high quality facilities.

Starbright is a family owned & operated early learning centre. It’s a place where children feel secure and relaxed. Where play is a priority, but where play is carefully designed to develop and enhance the children’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs. 

We understand that each child is unique, each child learns differently at different rates and that a trusting, caring environment fosters learning.

We emphasise on child development through appropriate activities and encourage children to play creatively and are able to choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor activities in a positive, stimulating and safe environment.

Children need to recognise and appreciate the special qualities of all individuals by listening to one another, by helping one another and by learning from one another, so that a true sense of individuals within the community develops. We aim to stimulate your child’s natural curiosity and encourage personal expression so they can develop into confident, caring, happy individuals. The centre is equipped to meet the needs of children in each appropriate age group that encourage children to learn, play and explore.

Starbright Educators are a team of dedicated and caring professionals who are trained in early childhood development. We are dedicated to provide a high quality service within a warm, nurturing, secure, fun environment and we have a strong commitment to meet the needs of children and their families. We provide this quality by ensuring, adequate child to staff ratios, qualified staff, staff continuity and a healthy, clean and safe environment. Your child needs to know you have confidence in us so that we will also have their confidence.


Ages: 15months - 5yrs olds

Toddler / Kindy  / Pre-school


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